Share some love and support this Xmas

Xmas Holidays are coming up and for some that’s a joyful time and for others not so much. That’s why I came up with a free Xmas Challenge and this REQUEST:

Smiley Xmas Angel

Please click this link to the drawing, download it, print it and show some support and love to others by posting you holding the drawing and next sending it to others, who could use some love and support during the holidays?

You can choose to pimp the picture (or not), or have your kids do it – if you have those (or not). Whichever you choose, I would love it if you would take a picture and post it on either Instagram (@LadyLexysLifeontheRoad) and/or Facebook (@Lady Lexy) using #YouarenotalonethisXmas, #LadyLexysLifeontheRoad and #SmileyXmasAngel. The tags are needed so I can see how many people are doing a post.

Next send it to someone you know who really needs it, with a Xmas message on snail mail and/or simply by taking a picture and sending it combined with a text message to someone! 

Let’s make this Xmas Season a little happier (less stressful) for those out there alone and pass this message on, so others can spread the joy as well.

How the drawing was made and how to pimp it.

Now I am aware that not everyone is aware of how some people out there might feel during Xmas. That’s why I created a drama play to listen to. This is the first part. Don’t worry, this is not how I’m feeling, but I do know this is how others are feeling. If you still don’t see any reason to get the message and drawing out there, please listen to this…

How some out there feel during the holidays
Take a picture and share it

The good news? There’s a follow up on this one! And more will be out there during this holiday *depending* if you are up for a little Xmas Challenge and also depending on how many will take the time to post this. The more love is being shared, the more grateful the storyline becomes…

As said, this is part of a little Xmas Challenge for those who out there who are on their own. Do you want to participate fully? The please leave your email address and name in the box below and you will receive a free Xmas meditation shortly.

Register below for the Xmas Challenge.


Always remember:

You can do it!

You are not alone! 


P.S. Keep an eye out for that Xmas challenge…

P.S.2 Music by Heavenqueen – The Best Xmas Song? Like it? Like it on YouTube and request it!