On Tour in the USA

September & October 2018

During September and October in the year 2018 I traveled through the USA. This six week trip took me from Arizona to Florida, back to Arizona and ended in California. It led me to my core slogan:

“If I can do it, You can do it too! Cause I traveled for Six Weeks through the States on My Own with Two Crutches, carrying Two Backpacks!”

Lady Lexy – Lady Lexy’s Life on the Road

This wasn’t my first trip to the States. Twenty years earlier I’d been there for the first time, to see a musician who had helped me through some difficult times in my life, specifically my first “burnout”. He explained some things to me about the highs and lows being a creative person and ever since we’ve become good friends. I combined it with a tour along the East Coast through California, getting my first impression on how huge and diverse the States is, especially compared to the Netherlands.

The second time around was in 2014 to attend a tribute concert to a great musician called Midnight. That night his music would be released, which was the joyous occasion I’d been waiting for ever since I realized there were more songs available even now he was no longer alive. It was a short memorable trip, where I got to meet lots of friends and family from Midnight and life has never been the same ever since.

This trip however, I was going to see my friends back in their territory again. More over, it was a defining moment in life having to do with “choosing me”. I needed to create some distance between the ongoing things back home and the three courses over there from Brendon Burchard, having me travel all over the States were the best excuse to visit my friends and catch up. And so I returned in September 2018, four years, after that previous legendary trip.

It was visiting the States from a new perspective, this time having to do with culture and habits. It was like returning “home” after having felt homesick three years before and having had a great time with my friends over in Europe earlier that year. It was yet another memorable trip. 

Below you can find my blog posts, vids, pics etc. Enjoy!

Enjoy my (third) Tour Through The USA

3AM Post

South Mountain Park Hiking Trail Hopping

No Regrets

From Arizona to California

Lisa, the innocent artist

Flight from San Jose to Chicago-O’Hare

At Chi-whaaa-O’Hare Airport

Back home again…

Coming back home wasn’t easy. Things had changed in my mind. I had made certain decisions and I had come to experience the best of Florida. There were lots of things to consider, not in the least being surgery and of course getting to apply all the things I had learned about business, marketing and mindsets in those six packed weeks with Brendon Burchard (and Dean Graziosi).

Here you can find my posts about life home after having been away for so long in the States. Now what to do?

March 2019

In March 2019 I returned to the States for a little over a week, in between two other courses. My second surgery had made all the difference compared to last time. The main reason I went there was to recap the course from Brendon Burchard I’d missed out on when I was there in September and my secondary motive was to enjoy Florida, including my dear friends, discussing some ideas for the future.

Prepping for September and October 2019

At the end of September I will be returning for the fifth time for a fortnight. Here you can read about my preparations and my goals.