Intro to Speaking out Now!

Welcome to the Mini-Course “From Silenced To Speaking Out 101”! This module should be used as a starting place to walk you through the modules, leading up to the decision to be Speaking Out with more clarity and starting with what might have caused you to keep Silent instead.

If you are ready to be taken seriously from now on, instead of being ignored, start by watching the video and next read the booklet. The video will explain the order of the modules a bit more in-depth by using an example. The booklet will give you an insight in what makes us do certain things (later) in life and the possibility to change this. 

Click below for your booklet!
Booklet Speaking Out now!

The booklet is an excerpt of the book “Uncovering Your Mindsets (What’s keeping you from Speaking Out)”, a book which takes you on a journey to understand what’s holding you back and next explains the theory behind this journey.

To keep you from getting overwhelmed right away, a selection has been made from the book, which should give you the insight you need to get started. If you would like to read the entire book, it can be purchased on Amazon, by clicking yes, I want to read “Uncovering your Mindsets” .

The content of this course is based on over a decade of experience treating, assisting and listening to hundreds of clients as both a coach and therapist, in addition to my own experiences and always remaining the student myself, listening and learning from others. 

My mission is to have people change their story to a powerful one, learning to speak out instead of turning inwards, harming themselves and/or others when feelings and thoughts can no longer be kept in check and want to come out. To do so, I take people on a trip in their mind and one in real life. For inspiration and additional footage on this subject please check out “Lady Lexy’s Life on the Road”, to be found on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

For now “Enjoy!” and don’t forget to leave any comments/ask any questions if needed.

Your coach,


Mindset Trip Influencer

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2 Commments

  1. Thank you for your presentation Lady Lexy. What I got from your booklet is the need of letting go of a lot of things that we carry with us as heavy loads that may not help anymore in the being one is today. In fact, it’s what I have done symbolically speaking after almost 4 moving houses in 5 years. I left behind things and stuff thinking that was the end of the old stories. But in fact, I keep carrying in my mind and heart a lot of things that mainly affect my emotional state and mind, with sometimes resentment, fears, and regrets. That’s what I would say so far. I’ll go on your Facebook to chat a little bit and say a little bit more about what I feel today about the need I have to get out of my addiction.

    1. That’s such an important realization! This is something you can work with. Question is what is that one things, that one memory, that one thought which is pulling you down the most time and time again, driving you to your addiction…? And no, that doesn’t need answering here right now, but it is something to ponder on whenever yoi crave a drink.

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