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Kickstart your Life aka My Best Year Ever!

2018 kicked off great with Kickstart your Life from Roy Martin.

Unleash the Power Within

Spending 4 days with 13.000 people in London using cabs and a wheelchair and experiencing some pretty intense moments with Tony Robbins. The coolest thing? The fire walk. The most intense and impressive thing? The Dickens process.

Running across the Excel Bridge, making dreams come true.

Attending Brendon Burchard live!

In 6 weeks I got exposed to HPA, the Growth Convention and EA. Ever since I have been working on realizing my own online training.

Inner Game Mastermind

Role models, Future Me and Quantum Jumps.

Back for a recap of HPA without distractions

The 7 day M7T3 challenge 

How to organize a 7-day Challenge, when friends are coming over to tour (and I’m helping them out) and right in the middle losing my voice, when during that period attending Business Mastery from Tony Robbins.

Business Mastery

Cheering without a voice.

Momentum Masterclass 

Right now I’m in the midst of preparing a three day live launch, called Momentum Masterclass. In preparation I’m writing blog posts daily, accompanied by videos. 

Right now you can still apply for the three day live online training, packed with references to my 7-day Challenge and the M7T3 course. If you are up for your own energy boost and flow, prepare yourself by watching the vids and reading the blogs, all having to do with Creating and Maintaining Momentum and why this is so immensely important.

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It’s all connected with experiencing life from a different, more in-depth view, changing the way you’ll be experiencing both life and your business!

Here you can find the Masterpage leading you to everything you want to know about the Momentum Masterclass. Sign up, so you won’t miss the preparations which are already going on and see if you can find someone to join you for this free Momentum Masterclass Experience!

Are you ready to change your life, starting your holiday the best way possible? Then click on the link for blogs, vids and to subscribe for the free 3 day online Momentum Masterclass!

Signup for the free live Momentum Masterclass

If you feel like it’s time for your own Mindful Road Trip, including your own memories on vid, including your own personalized meditation, please contact me at Lexy@ChikaraCC.nl.

Blogs to think about…

Every once in a while something happens which causes me to write about, since it’s one of these things we all struggle with, one time or the other, during life. Below you can find my posts and vids.

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