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Do you feel like you’re not being heard, seen, maybe even come last?

My mission is to have people change their story to a powerful one, learning to speak out instead of turning inwards, harming themselves and/or others by coaching them. Will you let me coach you?

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If you still have doubts about signing up for the free course, just let me ask you:

What do you do when people aren’t listening to you? Can you break the pattern by speaking out or do you remain silent?

Communication is one of the most complicated things. It’s dictated by character, circumstances, upbringing, surroundings, including culture and I likely left out a few other factors.

How people treat you is often the result of sheer habit, combined with what you let them get away with (which often is the result of that same continuous response you keep receiving). If you keep expecting the same results, chances are you keep to yourself, which could lead to you playing – involuntarily because you’re not aware – the role of victim.

So if you are done with being ignored, not seen, coming last after the dog, subscribe to this free mini-course!


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