On tour in Europe

On and Off tour in Europe – part 0

The first time my friends came over to tour was in 2014.

On and Off tour in Europe – part 1

In January and February 2018 my friends came back to Europe to tour again. I decided to travel on and off with them, exploring Europe in a new light. How to travel with crutches and suitcases by car, metro and flying!

The cool thing about this joining them was that prior to this I’d had a course from Roy Martina and during that time I had promised myself to learn how to vlog. Not only did I learn how to vlog, I got to reconnect with my love for recording audio and video. It was a four week period in which I got to learn a lot on both a business level and a personal level.

Unleash the Power Within

Spending 4 days with 13.000 people in London using cabs and a wheelchair and experiencing some pretty intense moments with Tony Robbins. The coolest thing? The fire walk. The most intense and impressive thing? The Dickens process.

Touring continued…

Shortly after UPW my other friends from Florida came over to tour. It was still challenging to help them out, dealing with backpacks, recording equipment and crutches. But I made it and I made lots of vids with some funny moments…

Courses and touring – part 2

January and February 2019 were months packed with emotions and experiences. My new life had started after second surgery and I was trying to find my new route and purpose in life and business. My friends returned to tour again after a year, this time to be headlining. That was cool.

Courses and touring – part 3

In May and June I got to travel again with friends from the States and Europe, who I already knew and with new ones as well.

Again, it was mixed with courses. Only this time I was not only going to courses, but I released my first online live training as well!