Lady Lexy’s Life on The Road

You’ve arrived at Lady Lexy’s Life on the Road. In here you can find my stories, videos and pictures about what I have encountered. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave any comments.  🙂

Touring through Europe

In January and February 2018 friends of mine came back to Europe to tour. I decided to travel on and off with them, exploring Europe in a new light. How to travel with crutches and suitcases by car, metro and flying!

The cool thing about this joining them was that prior to this I’d had a course from Roy Martina and during that time I had promised myself to learn how to vlog. Not only did I learn how to vlog, I got to reconnect with my love for recording audio and video. It was a four week period in which I got to learn a lot on both a business level and a personal level.

Traveling through the States

In September I returned to the States for a trip which was all about “choosing me”. I needed to create some distance between the ongoing things back home and the three courses over there from Brendon Burchard, having me travel all over the States were the best excuse to visit my friends and catch up.

Taking Trips using Two Crutches and Two Backpacks

At the end of November 2018, I had my second surgery for my ankle. Yes, all my trips were done with me using crutches and occasionally a wheelchair. They put in two titanium screws to fixate two bones in my left foot, so the tibialis posterior tendon, which was attached to one of those two bones which had been sliding up and down ever since I tripped that fatal day in 2014, would no longer be irritated.

This website and my current path in life is the direct result of what happened whilst touring with friends, going to courses, being in the midst of what is the biggest change in my life up to date in both my life and business.

This site will not only give you an insight in my own experiences, but it will take you on a journey so you can experience your own experiences, better and more intense than ever before, promising to change your life and business forever for the better.

Here you can find my blog posts and vids.

Blogs to think about…

Every once in a while something happens which causes me to write about, since it’s one of these things we all struggle with, one time or the other, during life. Below you can find my posts and vids.

Read the posts by clicking here…

The 7 day M7T3 challenge

How to organize a 7-day Challenge, when friends are coming over to tour (and I’m helping them out) and right in the middle losing my voice, when during that period attending Business Mastery from Tony Robbins.

Momentum Masterclass

Right now I’m in the midst of preparing a three day live launch, called Momentum Masterclass. In preparation I’m writing blog posts daily, accompanied by videos.

Right now you can still apply for the three day live online training, packed with references to my 7-day Challenge and the M7T3 course. If you are up for your own energy boost and flow, prepare yourself by watching the vids and reading the blogs, all having to do with Creating and Maintaining Momentum and why this is so immensely important.

Signup for the free live Momentum Masterclass

It’s all connected with experiencing life from a different, more in-depth view, changing the way you’ll be experiencing both life and your business!

Here you can find the Masterpage leading you to everything you want to know about the Momentum Masterclass. Sign up, so you won’t miss the preparations which are already going on and see if you can find someone to join you for this free Momentum Masterclass Experience!

Are you ready to change your life, starting your holiday the best way possible? Then click on the link for blogs, vids and to subscribe for the free 3 day online Momentum Masterclass!

Signup for the free live Momentum Masterclass

If you feel like it’s time for your own Mindful Road Trip, including your own memories on vid, including your own personalized meditation, please contact me at


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