From Intention to Obsession

After two weeks of continuous training it’s time to do something with all this training. Where to start? By making a video. That’s always a good moment to start thinking about what I want to get across. But… Francesca Jago has taught us the importance of having a structure, so here I go, writing down my story for today. That way I have a structure first (hopefully), before recording the video.

Who is Francesca Jago? She’s a young lady from New Zealand, teaching training about how to record professional videos with your iPhone. She also knows about tagging and getting the videos noticed, so she’s the one I need to get my videos out there.

Now here’s the rub. If I prepare very neatly, I might never get to actual recording, so how to prepare without (total) perfection? Let’s start at least and “avoid avoidance”.

“Avoid Avoidance” is based on a statement from Brendon Burchard. It comes down to what the result is of postponing. It’s postponing even more. So by avoiding putting off things, things get done, how crappie they may seem at first. It also leads to improvement, since by doing it and keep doing it, there will be success eventually. Hopefully getting involved with Francesca will speed things up though!

Roy Martina talks about our future self, specifically our quantum selfs. The short version is that this is the best version of who we can be and that since we usually improve by time, this is our future version. We connect to this version by setting our intent. In this case our intent of what we want to get out of our mediation. Roy has made this awesome meditation, I listen to multiple times a day, to next fall asleep whilst listening to it.

Brendon Burchard also talks about intention and about modeling who we want to be. His reasoning is simple, your future self cannot improve if you don’t think about (visualize) what you want it to look like. You need to start somewhere and by thinking about it and seeing yourself doing so, you’ll become aware of what the next step is you can take.

Eelco de Boer emphasizes the importance of making money with what we know, just as Brendon Burchard does. You cannot keep investing money, if you don’t make any. So take the time to find out what it is what you want to do, make a plan to go there and start taking those first few steps.

Now… maybe… we do not know those first steps. We just know the end result. That’s why we have vision boards. A vision board shows our future goal. Please note that it’s important to look at it as if we, ourselves, are already living it. It’s no use to visualize it for someone else. We have to believe to we’re capable of getting there.

“We’re not inadequate”. “We just don’t know it yet”. “It” being the skill to accomplish certain tasks, leading up to completing the goal. I love this idea. Brendon has actually done the work himself. I guess that is because he’s a nerd, as he likes to describe himself.

Roy talks about downloading those skills from either are future self or somebody else. Regardless how it’s going to develop, important is to set the inten0t and visualize it, because without the intent, nothing will happen anyway.

Eelco had this guest come over, Demian. Demian stated that successful entrepreneurs all share one thing. They are obsessed with whatever it is they are doing. Combine this with setting your intention in the morning and throughout the day, meditating on it early morning and before going to sleep, plus when you cannot get into the zone and there you have it. Spending all of your time on something, hence resulting in being “obsessed”.

I like that concept. It completely shows when I was successful and when it stopped. Planning is my challenge and I only do it when I really, really want something done, preferably right now!

So here we go, one blog post, serving as a basis for my video.

One prepared video, which can be included later on.

One more reason to watch Francesca Jago and see what I could have improved.

The goal is to get it out there for all you readers to find, so you might become interested in all the different things I have to offer, all related to Mindsets, Momentum and Mindful Traveling.

So here we go… finishing up one blog post and starting another video!

Enjoy and let me know how you set intent and if it works for you when you want to accomplish something!

Get Out there, Live Life to the Fullest and Enjoy the Journey!

(Get Out. Live Life. Enjoy!)