Congrats! You finished the course!

Congratulations – you did it! You finished the mini course “From Silenced to Speaking Out 101”, which has given you a better understanding of why you have been keeping to yourself and given up on speaking out.

Now it’s time to decide how to move on. You have the assignments, keep on doing those. You have the booklet, keep on reading it and if you are really curious, order a copy of “Uncover your Mindsets” on Amazon to get an even better understanding.

I have a final video for you, please watch it the next few minutes and return here afterwards to continue on reading.

The most important thing you need right now is support. This could be from friends or a community and/or you can get a free coaching session from me to gain clarity if you decide to contact me about it in the next 4 days. Will you go to the extra mile and move towards being heard, seen and respected moving forward?

If so, contact me by hitting the reply button in the mail, send a message using or and claim that free session in the next four days!

You can do it!
You are not alone!


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