Lady Lexy’s Legacy

My mission is #Inclusion. I support people who do not know how to voice themselves and teach them how to speak out. I stand for authenticity and people being able to stand for who they are regardless of why.

This is why I do it.


Let me be the one to inspire you and prevent self destruction because you don’t know how to speak out (anymore) after having felt silenced by others and possibly yourself for ages. Let me support you and coach you so you can become the one who speaks out for yourself and – when you choose – for others.

You don’t have to come last and always have others come first. It’s not that something’s wrong with you, you just need to (re)learn how to look at yourself and why others respond to you the way they do.

YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Never doubt this!

I have pledged to spread #Inclusion.

Now it’s time for me to support you. Contact me by sending me a message to and get a free coaching call.